Nordic Startup School is part of Nordic Startup Ventures.

Nordic Startup School was founded to help startups and educate their founders to become the best possible entrepreneurs they can be.

We are a community of entrepreneurs, mentors, experts, and investors who build international startups together with founders.

Nordic Startup School is based on its values, centered on the “No assholes” rule. We make a long-term impact on startups but we do not compromise on our values ​​for any amount of money. We want to be an example of inclusiveness, diversity, openness, and genuine cooperation.

Tomi Terentjeff

School boss

Tomi is fascinated about entrepreneurship and life. To help startups improve and grow is his mission and passion. Fundraising and business development are the things Tomi excels at but what he was best known among his network, is his “super power” of connecting the right people at the right time. With his connections from Silicon Valley to the Nordic he founded NSS with a vision to help Nordic startups reach the US market through mentoring, coaching and networking. What other said about Tomi: “Super cool boss”.


Enrique Montaño

Chief of operations

Enrique, how can we describe our Enrique. He has several years of experience in the startup world and even co-founded a company and ran it for two years. Been there done that, he understood how difficult it is to have an entrepreneur lifestyle. At NSS, he is the “hand of the king” who helps put all the pieces together from finding mentors, spamming their email, ensuring startup’s “health and wellbeing” to making sure everyone is having fun while working hard. As an expat, he experiences things with international wisdom and Spanish siestas. Is he joking? Most likely he always is.


Chi Tran

Marketing & Media relations

Chi is NSS’s busy bee who sits around silently gathering media material at our bootcamps and workshops. Enthusiastic and always full of energy you can spot her going to work on her penny board in the summer. Often seen dancing in the background on Zoom calls, Chi knows how to get people dancing at any party. She is fascinated by all the aspects of business, marketing and getting a good product to customers. Now in charge of Marketing and Media at NSS, Chi brings the NSS brand closer to entrepreneurs and let them see why the new NSS is the best pre-seed Startup Accelerator in the Europe.


Aki Luukkainen

investor and mentor relations

Often coming around as a mentor and giving extra coaching sessions for startups, Aki is known among NSS alumni as the “sales wizard”. What he enjoys is structuring and closing deals that benefit all parties. He appreciates the perspective from doing business in different countries and working with multiple sources of capital. As a serial board member, Aki has the ability to scale companies from ideas to 100M+ in revenues. While deal making is his passion he also takes pleasure in helping companies to improve their operations and execution.


Our Values


As an individual we have just one brain, and if we stay isolated, our ideas can not grow, because the world is bigger than your brain. We believe that the more brains involved, the better the idea, combined with a strong iterating framework, can accomplish great things.


Educating oneself takes a lifetime. It does not stop when you have a diploma on your hand or even a position in a corporate. We believe ongoing support and having an open mind to learn new things, no matter your background is a must.


Because we can see things from multiple perspectives and share insights together. Why have ten people in a team if they all think the same? We aim at diversity, be it gender, background or age.

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