Become a startup mentor and help entrepreneurs build better startups.

Share your expertise and nourish new founders building the next innovation and growth.


Get to see the best companies ran by ambitious founders with great potential.


Connect with other brilliant experts and work together to foster the next gen innovation.


Get rewarded according to the time you invest in mentoring. The more you give, the more you get.

How can you contribute?

School Mentor

You get to meet the startups on specific events. No obligations.

You are free to join our boot camps and other events, but you don´t get to invest with us.

After School Mentor

Every month, you have the chance of meeting the startups for a fix amount of hours.

You will be investing together with us on the best startups of each NSS batch. We will also provide you with some sweat equity depending on your results with the startups.

Nordic Startup Ventures Advisor

You will be part of our group of elite mentors, who are working closely with us to improve our portfolio companies, but also NSS as whole.

You will invest with us, but also earn some sweat equity as well.

Great Nordic startups in the house.

Success stories that consistently go on to raise large amounts of funding and persist into their growth phase.

Meet awesome peers

Extend your network with a bunch of world-class serial entrepreneurs, influencers, 'exitters' and never-quitters.

The Nordic Startup Programs

1-day traveling trial full of insightful, practical, and playful content around validation & entrepreneurship.

We come to your city, and test the local companies. Are you a good fit for the school? Great!  We will select the top teams to the next stage.

Invite Pre School

3 months with Nordic Startup School, bringing your idea from zero to summit through a structured startup program.

Deep focus on concept validation, product building, branding & early sales. Focusing on building the first steps for market entry.

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Up to 9 months acceleration program aimed to help top performing companies enter international markets.

Secure funding and strenghten all sides of your business, Our signature acceleration, speeds up internationalization & growth into new markets.

Learn more

Validated, sustainable, ready to hit the boost button? The growth acceleration program helps companies scale.

Enter the U.S.A, focus on marketing at scale, embrace data, and learn how to optimize your operations.


Questions about mentoring & investor relations? Let's talk.

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