Validate & grow your business in foreign markets.

Nordic Startup School creates international success stories together with great founders. We support founders, fund and accelerate startups.


Time is precious. That's why we believe you should focus on building your business rather than pitching. Don't worry about funding, we got you covered.


Ideas only get you so far. Through Bootcamps, workshops and mentoring, you will have a clear plan to push forward.


Entrepreneurship is a marathon. You need all the help you can get. Our mentors help you reach your goals.


Getting into bigger markets is tough. We help you validate your business in US within 12 months.

The Nordic Startup Programs

1-day traveling trial full of insightful, practical, and playful content around validation & entrepreneurship.

We come to your city, and test the local companies. Are you a good fit for the school? Great!  We will select the top teams to the next stage.

Invite Pre School

3 months with Nordic Startup School, bringing your idea from zero to summit through a structured startup program.

Deep focus on concept validation, product building, branding & early sales. Focusing on building the first steps for market entry.


Up to 9 months acceleration program aimed to help top performing companies enter international markets.

Secure funding and strenghten all sides of your business, Our signature acceleration, speeds up internationalization & growth into new markets.


Validated, sustainable, ready to hit the boost button? The growth acceleration program helps companies scale.

Enter the U.S.A, focus on marketing at scale, embrace data, and learn how to optimize your operations.


Nordic Startup School Alumni.

What do the startups say?

We transformed our business during NSS and took a leap forward. We learned a lot, gained a great network, and had also fun. I highly recommend the program!"
"NSS is great for beginners or even seasoned entrepreneurs! They really work with your needs. Great mentors, useful workshops, and a well thought out scope from branding to sales. They really helped us put solid ground under our venture."
"What a ride NSS has been! Exactly what we needed, with unbelievably great support from all the mentors, peers, and organizers."
We were struggling to make our technology more understandable to investors and customers. NSS helped us to communicate what we do to both parties. Now we are doing better than ever!
I met a lot of great mentors and people during NSS. I even get to travel to the US to meet more people and mentors after the program. Just awesome!
We improved our pitch and met a lot of great people during the NSS program. We even managed to close our first round of funding after the program. Superb program overall!
NSS program forced us to go through our value prop, sales process, and many other things. Getting enough distance from your daily work and really work to improve those things really helped us push forward during and after the program!

Funding for top teams.

We will offer funding for up to 12 months and help you with all funding steps up to the eventual series A. ;)

High quality startup programs

Unlike other accelerators, we provide a fully .  structured, startup building, high quality program.

Destination U.S.A.

Our specific focus is in helping Finnish companies grow into the US market. Use our partners & network as a direct path.

Wanna learn more about our programmes? Hit us up.

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