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After School Programme

Nordic Startup After School is what follows the Startup School Program.

A few companies from Startup School batch will be selected and receive intense mentoring during the following 9 months.

By the end, the company will be on a very healthy condition, has sales traction and is ready for Series A


The 9-month program is divided into 3-month sprints, where each of the teams will be monitored depending on their situation to focus on their KPIs. Each of these sprints will start with an online workshop

Monthly calls

NSS will be keeping track of your progress with monthly check ups. Apart from that, you can reach them as usual for any support.

Intense mentor support

Specific mentors will be assigned to each startup and will work with you some days a month to help you achieve your goals.

Funding opportunities

NSS will be facilitating funding by introducing people interested in the companies and arranging deal flow. On top of that, NSS will provide a mixture of equity + sweat investment.

Field trips

Finally, Nordic Startup School will offer some field trips to other countries from time to time, giving companies the chance to join and get to know the markets.

Take the leap towards your future.

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