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Startup School Programme

We know it's not just about pitching and investments but rather creating innovative products that people want.

We help you create scalable businesses by fast learning, well-structured content, and laser-focused mentoring. We provide a diverse pool of mentors from different countries and backgrounds to give you an international perspective. 

With us, you are here for the long term. We want to train you well and then invest in you. If you show commitment, we help you succeed.

Our secret sauce

Boot Camps
Lightning talks
International trips
International 1:1 mentoring
Startup stories
Weekly follow-ups
Startup Diagnostic

The 3-month program

The program focuses on strengthening the core of your business to get you ready for the next stage.
To ensure this, we provide you with…
Our international mentor pool is 100+, but each batch meets around 50
Experienced startup advisors to help you on weekly basis
hrs of classes
of world-class facilitated, live content (no online videos)
Virtual stack that makes you awesome working online
Startup framework
…that forces you to think about all the aspects of a successful business.
International business opportunities and connections (via field trips, depending on the situation)

Startup School sample program timeline (up for changes)

Week 1

Introduction to NSS and Roadmap workshop (clear plan for 3 months)

Week 2

Boot Camp I - Value proposition and building a great product (two days)

Week 3

Sales workshop (pre-work and homework)

Week 4

USA market introduction workshop

Week 5

Mentor meeting and Boot Camp pre-work

Week 6

Boot Camp II - Early sales, digital outreach, validation (two days)

Week 7

Sales and outreach week! 

Week 8

Startup financials and fundraising workshop

Week 9

USA mentoring evening (because of time difference)

+ Pitch deck workshop 

Week 10

Mentor meeting and Boot Camp pre-work

Week 11

Boot Camp III - Branding and marketing (two days)
+ Filming of company videos

Week 12

Presentation coaching workshop

Week 12

Graduation Day with international mentors as judges (your last moment to get a great team for After School)


Each startup has weekly calls with the NSS team to keep you accountable and ready to kick ass.

A startup at the end of the program will have

Professional team pictures
A clarified value proposition
A clear sales strategy
A faster execution strategy
A released product/service if they didn’t yet have one
A clarified value proposition
Growth plan for After School
A clear value proposition
A professional company video
A clear branding strategy
Solid grasp of what a company needs to succeed
An international perspective of their company
Valuable connections in Europe and the US.
Supportive mentors for Nordic Startup After School

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